Adult Party and Slide Castle in Auckland

Re-live the memories of your childhood by hiring our adult party and slide castle. It is designed to accommodate any group of adults and remind them of their “bouncy” childhood. Our castle is made from high-quality material, to make sure it stays intact, even when you bounce madly with your friends.

What’s better than such a fun experience on your next get-together? Surprise your friends with our castle and give them an experience like no other.

Imagine what their expressions would be when they see such an amazing set-up.Fun is waiting for you and your friends! Enjoy now!!

SPACE REQUIRED:  8.0 m x 8.0 m

$280 for 4 Hours
$300 for 6 Hours
$320 for 8 Hours
(some travel conditions apply)


For adults’ bouncy castles, a width of 15 feet is considered a good starting range. While we offer bouncy castles that can spread over an area of 8m X 8m, other options in the tune of 15ft X 15ft or 15ft X 18ft are also a good choices. Since adults weigh more than kids, the sturdiness of a bouncy castle is also imperative. A medium size castle weighs in the range of 300-600 pounds, while bigger castles can weigh over 1000 pounds, depending on the age group they support.

Socks have to be necessarily worn while being in a bouncy castle. This is to reduce minor friction while running and jumping. This helps ensure the safety of your kids. Also, socks provide a good grip and add a protective hygiene layer.

Don't forget to include what suburb you are in. This helps me to determine price and availability for you.


    We had a two-day hire. The kids loved it will definitely use again. Very efficient service ??

    Ana Clarke

    Hired a bouncy castle for a fun day with my friends and our children. Absolutely amazing value, professional staff and really helpful.