Elements of an Epic Party for All

The last couple of years has been a struggle for all. After the COVID-19 pandemic, most people want to be safe rather than sorry. Social isolation and sudden deaths have haunted us the most. Parents had to instil the fear of infection in their youngsters. Life on Earth suddenly seemed to have skipped a few chapters to reach the climax. Everyone wanted to breathe clean air without wearing masks and be together with their friends and family to spend some quality time. 

Finally, when in a safer and better position medically, almost all holiday destinations are pre-booked! But that can’t stop the desperate, can it? Backyard, garden, or terrace party options are now more welcome than ever before! Celebration with extra decorations, food, and enthusiasm is the new normal!

Sometimes, one plans for a change, and sometimes, it takes them by surprise, like a pandemic. With changing times, attractions at a get-together have changed significantly. After COVID-19, throwing a party has become challenging because it is unsafe to overlook hygiene at the cost of entertainment. 

One has to first decide on a theme and guest list, follow up with the service providers, and choose some extras, like an ice cream truck, etc. Also, why should only children have all the fun when parents toil every day?

A party organizer may want to hire a candy floss machine in Auckland for adults to revisit their childhood and kids to enjoy some colourful confectionery. In a nutshell, one gets the best of both worlds. 

Since a fun-filled gathering is cherished and remembered, keep reading for some trending party elements.

1. Live dessert or food counter

Lately, most people want to plan gatherings using innovative elements. Packed food or formal invitations seem too dull after a period of social distancing and isolation. Be it a close-knit party or a birthday bash, rolled ice cream or battered sausage-on-a-stick hot dogs are a hit! 

The trend of Stir-fried Ice Cream began in Thailand in 2009 and is now popular among children and adults. Starting as a street food, it gained popularity in large metropolitan areas. Besides consumption, the process, including frying milk, cream, and sugars on an ice pan, rolling and topping off with nuts or miscellaneous flavours, is a treat to watch. Ultimately, one gets the best of both worlds!

It’s a more practical party element than a sit-down dinner because it allows the hosts to interact and enjoy with the guests. 

After COVID-19, people want to avoid occasions where they get cramped up.

2.  Themes

Now that children and adults are back in their respective routines, a change of plans on the weekend is always welcome. And themed parties can get everyone involved.

Employing themes like a Pirate-themed party can have everyone looking forward to dressing up and using their signature lines, like “The code is more what you’d call ‘guidelines’ than actual rules.” of Hector Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean. As a parent, one can introduce their kids to the history of pirates across the globe. 

One can also have some Pirate-themed games, music, and food to add to the party’s fun factor. Hire a Pirate bouncy castle to make the event more convincing. Be it little or adult pirates, the thrill of jumping for treasure is bound to keep everyone occupied. By the end of the day, everyone goes home tired and fulfilled!

3. Pop culture

The best way to stay relevant is by using something from pop culture. If the gathering is meant for a kid who’s a big fan of the Netflix sci-fi drama Stranger Things, recreate the hostile alternate dimension known as the Upside Down. When everyone dresses up like in the 1980s, the party gets detail oriented and tremendously successful.

One can also organize a team game and quiz about the series and its characters. This would involve the parents focusing on their characters to help with character-building. The winner gets Stranger Things merchandise, maybe?

4. Live music

Suppose you’re planning a birthday party for your friend who just turned 45 years old. Their child has plans for the event, but you know things that they might not. Maybe she is a fan of the rock band REO Speedwagon, imagine her surprised face when the live musician begins the party with her favourite song: “Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore”!

One can request their choice of tunes when hiring live music. Also, professionals don’t disturb the natural flow of conversations at a party.

5. Cinema

One can create lasting memories when watching a movie collectively on a family or friends’ film night. Hire a big outdoor screen system, the necessary equipment and professionals to run the cinema. Celebrate a new release by creating a suitable ambience and hiring a popcorn machine for a fun-filled experience.


Both kids and parents need a break, and lately, they are ready to acknowledge their tight schedules. The best way to destress and energize is by setting oneself loose and using one of the above 5 party ideas. So what are you waiting for? Planning your next party with the mentioned themes will surely bring immense enjoyment to all!

Happy Partying, Folks!